Physical Therapy Documentation Proper Handling

Your physical therapy documentation will be one of the most crucial aspects of your business. It is of the utmost importance that it be handled and processed correctly. Now when we say physical therapy documentation, we literally mean every bit of paperwork as it pertains to your practice. Everything from the initial questionnaires all the way up to the last parcel of documentation regarding your patients and your business as a whole.

Proper handling of paperwork is an important part of any business. However, when it is in the healthcare industry is even more so. Just one error could have catastrophic consequences. That is why you must have capable employees who can handle your physical therapy documentation in the manner it needs to be. On top of that you will also want to have a member of your staff whose job it is to double check all of the physical therapy documentation.

It will also be helpful if you have good physical therapy management software programs with which to handle your physical therapy documentation. It is preferable that you have one particular system that can do the job of processing all physical therapy documentation. Now in regards to having it double checked this can be done by either an office manager or someone else in a supervisor like position. Whatever you do make sure you do not overlook doing this.

After all, we are only human and as such we do make errors. This is where having someone overseeing all of your physical therapy documentation comes in handy. There may be instances where you feel it is better to have more than one software system handling your physical therapy documentation. But having said that, it is always preferable if at all possible to have just one particular software program handling your physical therapy documentation.

Although some forms of physical therapy documentation are in essence more important than others you should always have them handled and processed equally. It does not matter if it is something as simple as a survey or questionnaire it must be treated as if it were insurance documentation or a medical prognosis.

Good physical therapy documentation procedures are just sound business practice.

 Even though you yourself are owner/operator of the practice, it would still be a good thing to have a little knowledge of what each piece of physical therapy documentation entails. We’re not saying you need to know all of it chapter and verse, however, a little bit of physical therapy documentation know how certainly can’t hurt.


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