Physical Therapy Documentation For Your Private Practice

One thing is for certain, there is going to be a lot of physical therapy documentation you will be handling in the course of your day to day business. That is the same for any kind of business and your practice is no different. Here we will be discussing various types of physical therapy documentation that will be processed in your business. Some of them are routine in nature and others are quite technical.

When you really get down to it every single bit of paperwork, whether it is electronic or physical in nature is a form of physical therapy documentation. For example, your initial intake questionnaires given to your patients are physical therapy documentation. On the other hand, so is the billing that you forward to the insurance companies to make sure you get paid. In other words, everything is physical therapy documentation.

Other kinds of physical therapy documentation will note services that were rendered and procedures performed on your clients by you and your staff. Yet another type of physical therapy documentation will be prescriptions and exercise programs recommended for your patients. And now we will be getting into a very important kind of physical therapy documentation you will be processing.

That is the physical therapy documentation in which your coding is entered. This lets the necessary entities and parties know exactly what occurred during your therapy sessions with your patients. It is especially important that this form of physical therapy documentation be handled accurately. There is a simple way of making sure that this is done. And that is by double checking.

Always have one of your staff designated for the sole purpose of going through every bit of physical therapy documentation your practice generates. This will go a long way in preventing potential problems down the line. And when there are problems in the healthcare industry they can be disastrous, catastrophic and very expensive as well. It could also lead to lawsuits and possible license loss or suspension.

A good practice to follow is to make sure that all of your physical therapy documentation, no matter how trivial and routine it may be is treated as importantly as the more technical ones. But if you stick to the recommendations in this article the processing of your physical therapy documentation should indeed be a breeze. This will allow you to focus on the most important area of your practice and that is the care of your physical therapy patients.


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